How and Why TartarEnd® Toothpaste Was Developed

TartarEnd® toothpaste was developed by a chemist to stop and remove his tartar and plaque buildup and reverse his periodontal disease progression.

Despite using the “best tartar and plaque” toothpaste and mouthwashes, he was constantly told by his dentist at his scheduled 3-month cleanings; “You need to do better or you will begin to lose teeth”. His dentist told him there were no products on the market that stopped the build-up of tartar and plaque and that he would need to develop his own product to solve his problem.

He decided to use his chemistry background to develop a toothpaste that would remove his tartar and plaque and solve his periodontal problem. After years of research and testing, he heard his hygienist say, “What have you done? You have no tartar at all. Your gums look fantastic”.

Soon, he was giving samples of TartarEnd® toothpaste to family, friends, and his dentist. His dentist tested it on himself and then gave it to his family and his heavy tartar-producing patients.

Everybody reported tartar and plaque-free teeth and the reversal of periodontal gum pocketing. TartarEnd® toothpaste and a sonic toothbrush removed heavy tartar and plaque buildup both above and below the gum line. Healthy gums were re-adhering to plaque and tartar-free teeth.

TartarEnd LLC was formed in 2016 to satisfy the growing demand for TartarEnd® toothpaste. Nationwide website sales began in November 2020. Sales in Canada started in 2021 after TartarEnd® toothpaste was registered with Health Canada. TartarEnd® Toothpaste is now sold in a growing number of international locations. 

TartarEnd® toothpaste is manufactured and packaged in the USA at an FDA-inspected facility. US Patent # 10,517,808 and other international patents have been awarded for the TartarEnd® formulation.

A new Minty Wintergreen flavor will be introduced in June 2023.

Future Developments:

  • A  new “pet-safe”  formulation for cats, dogs, and other pets is performing well in trials.
  • A toddler/child version of TartarEnd has been shown to eliminate cavities in children and toddlers.   

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