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After a professional cleaning, plaque forms on teeth and then hardens to form tartar. Strong acids, released by plaque irritate and inflame the gums causing them to bleed and form gum pockets. As these gum pockets get deeper, they fill with more plaque, tartar, and acids. The acids in deep gum pockets dissolve bone and eventually cause tooth loss.

Tartar-control or tartar-fighting toothpastes cannot penetrate, dissolve, or remove tartar and plaque.

TartarEnd® is the only toothpaste proven to penetrate, dissolve and remove tartar and plaque. The vibrating bristles of a sonic toothbrush whisk away loosened plaque and tartar particles from gum pockets.

After TartarEnd® cleans the teeth, healthy gums reattach to tartar and plaque-free teeth. Your teeth can be as clean as the last time you had a professional cleaning.

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