Tartar-removing toothpaste tube on TartarEnd's website.

The Only Toothpaste Proven to
Remove Calculus and Plaque
with Daily Brushing

Gently dissolves and removes calculus (tartar) and plaque
The only patented and proven calculus-removing toothpaste
The only dentist recommended calculus-removing toothpaste

Calculus Removal Observations

Without TartarEnd®

Graphic of tartar removal on TartarEnd's website.
"Before TartarEnd® toothpaste the only option for removing built-up calculus from patient’s teeth was by scaling with sharp metal scrapers."

With TartarEnd®

Image of a person brushing their teeth using tartar removing toothpaste on TartarEnd's website.
"Now the same patients who are brushing with TartarEnd® toothpaste have calculus free teeth."

Dentist/Hygienist Comments

“My patients also self-reported reduced, if not eliminated, tartar buildup as well as better smelling breath, and less dry mouth after using TartarEnd® as a toothpaste during teeth brushing. I also observed decreased periodontal pocketing in my patients after their use of TartarEnd® as a toothpaste during teeth brushing.”​
“Based on my own experience, my colleagues’ reports, and my patients’ outcomes, I can say unequivocally that TartarEnd® is effective to remove pre-formed tartar from teeth. It softens dental tartar such that the dental tartar can be removed by brushing”
“I and my hygienists observed pre-formed tartar on teeth softening, and its removal by brushing in subjects using TartarEnd®.”
... "Up until the use of TartarEnd, the only way my hygienists observed removal of pre-formed tartar from teeth was through scaling of the teeth. "...

Customer Recommendations

Peter J
Peter J
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This stuff actually works! I used to have my teeth cleaned 4x per year as I’m a heavy tartar producer. I recently went 9 months between cleanings and the hygienist said my teeth were perfectly clean! No bleeding gums, and it’s great for your breath. Extremely satisfied with this product!
Karen M
Karen M
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I have been using TartarEnd for the past four months. My mouth felt cleaner after the first use. Almost immediately, my gum inflammation went away and I am no longer bleeding when I floss. This is an amazing product. I highly recommend it!!
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Visible results after the first tube. Have tried all mainstream pastes, rinses, brushes and flossing techniques. Customer service is commensurate to the quality of the product. Kudos.
Dale B
Dale B
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I had my doubts about how effective this toothpaste would be, but after a week of use, all I can say is I am amazed of the results!

So glad I discovered this product and decided to give it a try!
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I have to say….I’m pretty impressed with this toothpaste. I can already see the results! My tartar is disappearing!

TartarEnd® Toothpaste and Daily Brushing*

Graphic showing a tooth before and after using tartar-dissolving toothpaste on TartarEnd's website.

TartarEnd® Toothpaste Removes Dental Calculus and Plaque

The most significant advancement in Dental Care since the toothbrush

How TartarEnd® Works

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TartarEnd® Animation Details

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After a professional cleaning, bacteria on your teeth form plaque. Plaque is thick, sticky and protects bacteria from removal. Plaque quickly hardens to form tartar.

This video shows TartarEnd™ penetrating and dissolving the glues and plaque that hold tartar together. Loosened tartar particles are removed by the vibrating bristles of a toothbrush via our calculus removal toothpaste.


This magnified graphic shows a portion of a tooth coated with a mixture of calculus and plaque. The tartar crystals form naturally from saliva. These crystals are glued together by bacterial glues and plaque to form hard tartar. 

Plaque and tartar act as a shield and protect the bacteria living within the plaque and tartar matrix from removal. The strong acids formed by these bacteria erode tooth enamel to form cavities and irritate gums to create gingivitis and periodontal gum pockets.

TartarEnd™  is the only toothpaste that penetrates the plaque and calculus mixture and dissolves the glues and plaque that hold tartar together. The tartar and plaque break up into tiny particles.

The toothbrush bristles whisk away plaque, tartar particles, and the bacteria they protect that cause tooth decay, irritated gums, and deepening gum pockets.  

The tooth surface is now cleaned of harmful bacteria, plaque and tartar. 

For the first time you can now safely and gently remove tartar and plaque with the best calculus remover and plaque-fighting toothpaste and a toothbrush available. TartarEnd is a strong, effective tartar softener that makes better oral hygiene possible.

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