The Breathing Through Teeth (BTT) test has been used in the development of TartarEnd™ Toothpaste for over 10 years. It is quick method for determining tartar level changes between the teeth. Many customers have used this method to monitor tartar removal while using TartarEnd™ toothpaste.

  1. Lightly press your upper lip onto the top of your lower teeth.
  2. Breath in through the spaces between your lower teeth (BTT).
  3. Air will flow easily if there is no tartar build up.
  4. Air will not flow at all if there is severe tartar build up.
  • Use the BTT Method before and after your cleaning appointment
  • If there is a large difference in the air flow before and after a cleaning appointment, you are among the 68% of adults that produce tartar
  • As a starting point, use the BTT Method to determine the current air flow between your teeth
  • Continue to brush with your regular or “tartar control” toothpaste
  • After a few weeks, use the BTT Method and compare the air flow against your starting point
  • A moderate to heavy tartar producer will notice reduced air flow in just a few days with any regular or “tartar control “toothpaste
  • Brush with TartarEnd™ toothpaste to remove your current tartar build-up or the tartar that forms each day
  • Use BBT weekly to see how many times a day, once or twice, you should use TartarEnd™
    • If you are using TartarEnd™ as a tartar dissolver once a day and BTT is becoming more difficult switch to twice daily brushing with TartarEnd. Make sure you are flossing after brushing
  • Use the BTT Method to occasionally monitor your tartar removal progress.
image of teeth testing the tartarend toothpaste deep cleaning tartar removal
Air flows easily in the spaces between clean teeth

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