Tartar-removing toothpaste tube on TartarEnd's website.

The Only Toothpaste Proven to
Remove Tartar and Plaque
with Daily Brushing

Gently dissolves and removes tartar and plaque
The only patented and proven tartar-removing toothpaste
The only dentist recommended tartar-removing toothpaste

Dentist Tartar Removal Observations

Without TartarEnd®

Graphic of tartar removal on TartarEnd's website.
"Before TartarEnd® toothpaste the only option for removing built-up tartar from patient’s teeth was by scaling with sharp metal scrapers."

With TartarEnd®

Image of a person brushing their teeth using tartar removing toothpaste on TartarEnd's website.
"Now the same patients who are brushing with TartarEnd® toothpaste have tartar free teeth."

Dentist/Hygienist Comments

“My patients also self-reported reduced, if not eliminated, tartar buildup as well as better smelling breath, and less dry mouth after using TartarEnd® as a toothpaste during teeth brushing. I also observed decreased periodontal pocketing in my patients after their use of TartarEnd® as a toothpaste during teeth brushing.”​
“Based on my own experience, my colleagues’ reports, and my patients’ outcomes, I can say unequivocally that TartarEnd® is effective to remove pre-formed tartar from teeth. It softens dental tartar such that the dental tartar can be removed by brushing”
“I and my hygienists observed pre-formed tartar on teeth softening, and its removal by brushing in subjects using TartarEnd®.”
... "Up until the use of TartarEnd, the only way my hygienists observed removal of pre-formed tartar from teeth was through scaling of the teeth. "...

TartarEnd® Toothpaste and Daily Brushing*

Graphic showing a tooth before and after using tartar-dissolving toothpaste on TartarEnd's website.

TartarEnd® Toothpaste Removes Tartar and Plaque

TartarEnd® toothpaste – US Patent – Dec. 2019

TartarEnd™ Video Details

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If you are unsure of how to remove tartar from teeth without dentist, take a look at this illustration. After a professional cleaning, bacteria on your teeth use the foods we eat to form plaque. Plaque is thick, sticky, and hard to remove. Plaque quickly hardens to form tartar. Plaque and tartar act as a shield that protects bacteria from removal. 

The magnified graphic shows a portion of a gum pocket filled with tartar and plaque. The strong plaque acids formed by bacteria erode tooth enamel to form cavities. These same acids irritate gums to cause gingivitis, bad breath, bleeding gums, periodontal gum pockets, bone erosion and eventually tooth loss. 

Tartar control or preventing toothpastes do not penetrate and remove the tartar and plaque shield. 

Most toothpaste companies still say, ” there’s no safe way to remove tartar at home” or “it must be removed by a dental professional”.

TartarEnd® is the only toothpaste that safely penetrates the tartar and plaque shield and dissolves the glues and plaque that hold tartar together. The tartar and plaque break up into tiny particles. Toothbrush bristles whisk away bacteria, plaque, and tartar particles.  

The tooth surface is now cleaned, and healthy gums reattach to clean tooth enamel. Minerals naturally found in saliva slowly rebuild damaged tooth enamel.  

A gif of how to remove tartar and plaque from teeth without dentist using tartarend toothpaste on TartarEnd's website.

Customer Reviews

  • Christina Huang

    I live in Canada and received the order relatively fast. I tried the toothpaste for a week now, it helps with some level of tartar control but I need to pair it with fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash.
  • Carol Schuler

    I've been dealing with periodontitis for over 10 years. I dedicate 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes every night to my oral care. I constantly floss as well. Every 3 months I go to my periodontist. Well, today was my FIRST visit with this result: "Your mouth looks the best I've seen it, you have NO tartar buildup." There was no bleeding after my cleaning. I showed my periodontist the empty tube of Tartarend. He said I usually don't believe in these things, but your mouth is showing me positive results. He took information off of the tube, and said he was going to recommend it to those of his patients who were struggling with periodontitis. I actually walked out of this office with a smile on my face. Thank you to the chemist who created this product.
  • Julie Turner

    Will.this product actually work on my front teeth. I'm so embarrassed I've not been for 5 years. In which that time I notice 3 of my front teeth turning a little brown.Now after 5 years they have black marks to them just above the gum line.I have tried everything accept tartarend. I have always brushed my teeth twice a day . I'm so.embarrassed I cannot smile has I feel ashamed of myself or what people think. Do you think it will really work for me.
  • Chrystella Byers

    Covid hit. Couldn’t go to the Dentist. After a time it became obvious that I didn’t take enough care of my teeth. Bleeding. Gum puffiness. So I started in earnest to find good oral care products. I’ve paid a good chunk of change for Nano toothpaste and iO mouth rinse. I have an expensive electric toothbrush and every tooth cleaning product you can buy on Amazon. My dental care improved but still puffy gums. Then I searched for tartar and plaque remover. Tartarend popped up in my feed. I didn’t blink at the price. Just got it today and boy oh boy it did the trick! All my hard work these past 3 years paid off after 1 use! I’m floored and grateful to you John. Puffiness is almost gone! Couple more uses and I’ll have my healthy teeth and gums back. Please go public with your company. I want to invest in your stock!!!
  • Robyn

    Fantastic I’ve been using it for four months and my tartar has literally disappeared. I went to the dentist today and I don’t have to have to deep cleaning, and any longer!
  • MarMil

    I have been using it for two weeks now and I notice a difference. I recommend this product to absolutely anyone who THINKS they may need it. Just go ahead and buy.
  • Pavel

    Very satisfied, removed tartar within 3 months!
  • Karen

    I was very skeptical when I purchased this. Boy, was I wrong. After using it for only 3 days, a piece of plaque actually broke free from my tooth. I have receding gums and food gets caught constantly and it's hard to get to it. I definitely reccomend this and I'll be purchasing another tube. Taste isn't great but nothing to be concerned about.
  • John Gontarz

    TartarEnd® Toothpaste is now available in a new Minty Wintergreen flavor. TartarEnd® toothpaste does prevent cavities. Cavities normally form on tooth enamel below tartar and plaque buildup. Bacteria protected by tartar and plaque release strong acids, such as lactic acid, which erode tooth enamel to create cavities. TartarEnd removes these protective tartar and plaque barriers, and saliva dilutes and washes away these damaging acids. One parent reported his child would have three to four cavities every 6 months but only had one cavity since starting to use TartarEnd Toothpaste 5 years ago. Other parents report similar results.
  • Rachel Smith

    I was completely skeptical about this. I thought no way it could work. I saw something on Amazon that said you needed to use this for 6+ weeks to see results. I usually don't write reviews but MAN I saw results after ONE DAY!! I wish I would have taken before and after photos. I've been using this paste twice a day for a week now and most of my calculus is gone (using sonic brush and flossing after as directed). I have a dentist appointment in a few days and I'm actually EXCITED for once. I have the minty flavor. It smells like a medicine, and tastes horrible. I don't recommend getting it on your tongue. Definitely use a mouthwash after if you actually want minty freshness. This paste is also fluoride free, so it likely doesn't do anything for cavity prevention.
  • Kathy Thompson

    I'm into my second tube of Tartar End. I had a dental cleaning a few days ago, and the hygienist and I had long conversations because she didn't have anything to clean. There was so little tartar on my teeth that she had to fill the time with something else. I have had tartar so bad that it took 45 minutes to 1 hour to blast and scrape it off. I can't even believe that she didn't have to scrape and scrape. Literally, there were only two spots that had any tartar. And she scraped away a few stains. I'm blown away. I finally found something that lives up to its name. I told her the name of the product, and I'm sure she will start recommending it to her patients.
  • Barbara

    Went to the dentist today and had the gum numbers measured. Here are the results. You have the data from the most recent visits. I wanted to list out the numbers so I could see a comparison from the 3 sets more easily. Teeth 4 and 5 were the ones we were watching, on the upper right. #5 showed a good improvement from 11/22 --- 7 went to a 5 and 6 went to a 4. Only other tooth with a 5 is #13 back surface. All in all, my numbers look good to me, mostly 3s. Hygienist said to remember that a difference of 1 is within the error of measuring. So again. tooth #5 showed a significant improvement. What you were predicting! The dentist agreed that having 4 and 5 extracted now was an aggressive step. She said waiting and watching that area is a sound decision. So I will have to rethink whether to go back to that periodontist or not. I would have to travel to Portland, 2.5 hours away, to see another periodontist. I can have my teeth cleaned 4x per year at the dentist's office, just would be giving up an exam with a gum specialist. I will have to think on it, but am comfortable with leaving those 2 teeth alone for now. Maybe they will continue to improve! Your toothpaste and the new sonic brush did make a difference! thank you! Hope the numbers help your studies.
  • Frances

    I found this product online. Living in Canada, I was thrilled that I was able to order directly from the company. And the toothpaste arrived in record time. I’m now ready to order again. This time I will order 2. Probably should order 3. But it goes a long way. So will resist and come back for the next batch when I need them. Excellent customer service, good reliable tracking of the package. And amazing product. Thanks Tartarend. Don’t ever quit making this stuff.
  • Laurie Grigerek

    Saved my smile big bucks from dentist feed
  • Ginger Hensley

    I am typically not a review writer. I have had a tartar problem for many years. I have had 3 surgical cleanings to cure my tartar. It never worked. Because of this I am obsessive about mouth hygiene. In spite of my efforts, nothing improved. Until, I got this tartar end. It is so mild, I truly doubted it would work. But, I continued use and surprisingly it did begin to break down the tatar and it just slowly gradually vanished. I say slowly but, results were noticeable before I had finished half of my first tube. I had bought a two pack, but gave the second tube to my daughter as she is plagued with the same situation. She has also noticed remarkable results. If you truly have a tartar issue don't hesitate to give it a try, it does work. I feel great that I finally have some control over this frustrating condition. I will buy this forever.
  • April

    I hadn’t been to the dentist in years for a cleaning the tartar was so bad! Using it with a spin brush it’s coming off ! Remarkable!!
  • Eric Hooves

    Can I use a normal brush? I can't afford a sonic toothbrush
  • Amy Kish

    I am thrilled with this product. It is well worth the money. I had no professional dental care for years, having no insurance and then, when I finally did have coverage, being too embarrassed to have anyone see the state of my mouth. I've always tried to do my best with brushing and flossing, but the plaque and tartar just got worse and worse. I decided to try Tartar End and I must tell you, this stuff is amazing! After only a couple months of use, combined with using the suggested type of brush, and being gifted a water flosser, the improvement in my teeth is nothing short of miraculous. I'm telling you, if this product can help someone like me, it can help anyone!! Try it, you will not be disappointed, I promise! I only wish I had discovered it sooner.
  • Shari Baelfyr

    When covid arrived, I quit going to the dentist. There is no way I'm sitting in an office without a mask for the time it takes to clean my teeth. Consequently, my teeth were brown. I bought the recommened toothbrush and started brushing with TartarEnd twice a day. Within a couple of weeks, my teeth were looking much better. I've used about 1/2 of the tube now and my teeth look great. I'm thrilled. Also, I'm allergic to most brands of toothpaste, probably the chemical that makes them foam. I have no allergic response to this product.
  • Karl Chacra

    I just came back from the Dentist and she was amazed at the lack of tartar and plaque. She added that what ever I was doing that I continue indefinitely. I am thrilled that there is a product that performs as well as the promises it makes.
  • Dorte

    I had high hopes after reading the reviews. But two months of brushing twice daily for 4 minutes I do not see any change. I may buy another tube hoping that maybe I will see improvement in another two months. But I'm not sure it's worth the cost.
  • JH

    My hygienist got done with my cleaning in half the usual time. I bought TTE toothpaste after my last cleaning 6 months ago. And I've had problems with tartar and bleeding gums my entire life. It's better than regular toothpaste with my sonic care, BY FAR. I did not receive any promotion or gift in exchange for this review.
  • Merle

    This is the best toothpaste to help with tartar buildup. The dental hygienist has seen a big improvement with less tartar on my teeth and gums. I would recommend 100%.
  • Merle

    This toothpaste is amazing. It does help in removing tartar buildup. The dental hygienist has seen a big improvement with my teeth and gums.
  • Laura

    I’m one of those people who have absolute dread and anxiety about going to the dentist. I avoided the dentist for years and had a substantial amount of tartar buildup from having missed years of professional cleanings. I go to the dentist regularly now but my hygienist hasn’t been able to fully clean/remove the years of buildup. My back molars especially had some darker tartar that made my tooth look like it was rotting (even though it wasn’t). I have been using TartarEnd as directed with a sonic toothbrush twice daily and it’s been about a month since I started using it. I’m already noticing significant fading on some of the more severe areas in the back of my mouth. I’m starting to see the whiteness of my actual tooth underneath. I have complete confidence that the buildup will be fully gone in another few months of consistent use. I’m really happy with the outcome and really believe this toothpaste does what it says it’ll do with consistency and patience. Highly recommend!
  • James Prasek

    Tartar End actually works. I have not been to the dentist in over 15 years and before going to the dentist I ordered two tubes of Tartar End. I brushed twice a day for the first month. I used parodontax toothpaste after lunch to since my gums had been bleeding so much before using tartar end. First thing in the morning and before going to sleep. I also invested in an over the counter dental pick from my local grocery store. I had a moderately heavy build up of tartar on the back of my lower jaw but the worst area was between the teeth. I could feel the tartar bridges connecting to each tooth when using a toothpick. I was horrified, since my grandfather was a dentists. He would have has me for lunch. After brushing with tartar end twice daily, descaling using a dental pick I could feel the difference and began to see the difference. I added a water dental pick and that changes the whole game. I was seeing large pieces of tartar breaking away from the tartar bridges. Then I started flossing more often. Long story short I went the dentist and they were surprised the minimal tartar build up after not having a cleaning in over 15 years. My gums used to bleed when I would brush or even use a toothpick. My gums are no longer bleeding, tartar build up is minimal and coffee stains are all but gone. I recommend that if you cannot get to a dentist and have tartar build up and bleeding gums you should absolutely use tartar end until you can afford to have a professional cleaning. Anywhoo, well done tartar end
  • Deb

    We love this product. Our teeth have been tartar free for many months. We would like to keep our teeth healthy as long as possible. Great product.
  • Sandy

    This product highlights tartar by turning it black. In hard to get at spots, it is nearly impossible to remove all of the black. Even my hygenist could not completely remove it. Hopefully it will eventually wear away. Beware!!
  • Annmarie

    I've been using this for 1 week. I have not noticed a difference yet, but am staying hopeful. My biggest complaint is that I have to brush my teeth twice. Once with Tartar End and then once with Colgate. TartTar End does not foam or leave my mouth feeling clean at all. It doesn't even feel like I brushed my teeth after using. I wish it did a better job of leaving my mouth feeling clean. I will continue to use the bottle to see if there is improvement with the tartar build up.
  • Michelle

    I honestly can’t believe how effective this product is. Truly miraculous. In just 3 days, 98% of my tartar buildup has deteriorated. I’ve been using my regular toothbrush (2 min, twice a day, floss afterwards, as directed) since I’m waiting for my Philips Sonicare toothbrush to arrive. I was a little hesitant at first because I’m a heavy tartar producer but I had a good feeling about this TartarEnd. One thing I quickly noticed—this toothpaste softens the tartar which enables you to break off the tartar easily as you floss!! I am throughly impressed!
  • Jim Young

    My wife and I rarely leave the house because of Corona. Since this means no dentist we do anything to keep our mouth clean. We are glad we found Tartarend because we got brave and saw our dental hygenist. She said there was very little tartar and no bleeding. Pretty good after not having a cleaning in a long time. She said she would be recommending it from now on to other patients. My wife and I plan to always use this.
  • Sammy

    After about a week of using this toothpaste, all the plaque and tartar that made my gums hurt went away. Honestly I’m pretty happy about this it works well.
  • Anele

    Excellent product!
  • Joe

    Started Tarterend once a day with Sonicare brush about 2 months ago. I went to dentist for cleaning after 5 months of being there. Cleaner said you have no tarter. Have a little plaque but comes off. It seems to work well.
  • Gari Richardson

    Wish I'd found this years ago. Really works. Really.
  • Thalia Fleming

    OK, so this is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Amazing results after just over 2 months of use. I'm over the moon happy with this product. It works like nothing I've ever used and I'm 70 years old. Just what I needed at this stage of life. THANK YOU so much !!!
  • Ole931

    I was going to the hygienist every 6-7 weeks because there was always so much tartar buildup. I had to change a recent appointment due to a scheduling conflict and I had been using Tartarend for about a week. The reschedule made it ten weeks. So after using for about five weeks, my hygienist said there was much less tartar than before. Only a little bit, mostly on the molars. Scheduled the next appointment for 10 weeks. So I'm paying more attention the the molars (4 plus one implant and one empty space for another implant). We'll see how the next appointment goes and maybe we can go 13 or more weeks.
  • Ira

    I have only been using this for two days. I needed a deep cleaning which cost $1100. One side of my mouth has been done. In hopes of having less pain and work, I got this. I can not remember the last time I haven't had bleeding of gums when I wake up in the morning and whenever I brush. I brushed this morning and there was no blood, and there was none when I woke up this morning. I really can't believe it. Thanks Tartar End. I will continue to use and hope my next dental cleaning is less painful.
  • Jim Young

    We havn't been to the dentist for a year and a half due to Corona fears. We started using this product for maybe 4 or 5 weeks before going in. Our dental hygenist said our teeth were cleaner than the every 6 month appointment before Tartarend was used. She said she was going to recommend it to her patients
  • Karla

    First off…If anyone had ever told me I would spend 20+ dollars for a single tube of toothpaste, I would’ve told them to eff off. There’s no way I would ever spend that much for something I’m just gonna spit out. Oooooomg, this stuff is the TRUTH!!! Plaque and tarter are ugly. It can make the cleanest person in the world seem lazy and unhealthy. The FIRST time I used this, I was like “this is so bogus, There’s no foam or anything..how’s this gonna clean my teeth?” BAM!!!!! As I was spitting out the toothpaste, I noticed teeny tiny little chunks of ‘crud’ in the spit. I thought “what the h is that???” Tarter..plaque..and nastiness. Uggggh, that stuff was in my mouth. The same mouth I kiss my mom on the cheek with. Gross!! This stuff is amazing. I’m using my burger and fries money to buy more of this toothpaste. It’s a keeper. My mouth feels and looks sooooo much cleaner. Every time I brush now, it feels as if I’ve just left the dentist’s office. The company could raise the price to $40 and I’d still buy it. Thank you thank you thank you
  • Marvin DeTar

    I used TartarEnd three times a week for two weeks and then went to a scheduled dental cleaning. The dental hygienist said that it was easier to remove the small amount of remaining tartar as it was softer. She remarked that the gums were not bleeding as she had observed for the last four cleanings every six months. I continue to use my regular toothpaste every day.
  • A. Miller

    Absolutely amazing toothpaste! I have been using for a couple of months..because I was desperate to find some toothpaste or oral product that really lived up to its' name! Well, after my scheduled dental cleaning this morning, both my hygienist and dentist were astounded at the change in my teeth and gums. No more bleeding at all, barely any plaque or tarter at all...such a huge difference from my last cleaning! (Which was a disaster!) and took over an hour! Today's cleaning and dental check at end, took 30 minutes from beginning to end! Thank you for this miraculous toothpaste that I will be using forever! I am 70 years old and wish I had found this a very long time ago! Would have saved me a lot of painful hours in the dental chair!
  • John Izze

    I went to the dentist to have a cleaning and they informed me that I need a deep cleaning because of all the plague and tartar buildup. I kinda knew this was going to happen. My bottom front teeth are horrible for plague buildup. And no matter what I use, the plague stays. Iv'e tried everything. They did the first cleaning, half the mouth, and told me to come back in a few days. When I returned, I already had buildup. The hygienist was shocked at the amount of buildup. Now, I'm a smoker, coffee and tea drinker, but I brush my teeth 2 times a day at least and floss regularly. Nothing helps. She did the other cleaning and again came back to have them check and more plague build up. They were at loss and so was I. So, the next day I searched for about 5 hours until I found Tar Tar End. I thought, damn 20.00, hey I'll give it a shot. Within a few days, gone...everything gone. No plague, no tartar...just clean teeth. I was amazed. I went back to the dentist, showed the hygienist and she was shocked. She said wait three months and come back. If they are still the same, I will recommend Tar Tar End, here at the office. I can't wait to show her the results. Still clean and it's been two months. Woohoo and thank you!
  • Ericka S.

    I have only been using this for a few days but I can't believe the difference it has made in such a short period of time! It doesn't foam or lather like your normal fluoride toothpaste does, so I still use both. I use this first and floss after then I use my regular fluoride toothpaste for the fresh minty feeling. I do not see any signs of plaque or tartar on my teeth and my breath stays fresh all day. My teeth feel so smooth too like after I leave the dentist. After only four days of using this I am pretty much guaranteed a customer for life!

    I am totally satisfied that I have daily used TartarEnd toothpaste from April 2020 to the prtesent and I intend to continue to use it beyond this summer of 2021. I was vaccinated in February and March 2021 and subsequently I learned that this unique product helped me to personally have barely any tartar at my last dental cleaning in May 2021 that was performed by my dental hygienist. In fact, based on my special request, my dentist corroborated that factual finding before her hygienist began to clean my teeth which, by the way, had not been professionally cleaned during the first year of Covid-19 that prevented me, 74, during the shutdown from allowing myself to go to my dentist's office for a professional dental cleaning.
  • Dom DeForge, VMD

    I have just completed a month of TarTarEnd with progress-hard tartar definitely decreasing. Twice daily brushing for 2 minutes per brushing with Phillips Ultrasonic Brush on gum mode. Flossing twice daily. TarTarEnd has removed about 75% of very hard calculus/tartar from my anterior teeth. No dentist had an answer for this hard calculus problem. I look forward to the days ahead. Gums feel great. Still a way to go but this dentifrice is amazing."

    Donna SH Hi John, Just love this toothpaste. It sure has made a difference when I go to the hygienist. I thank you for such a great product. I have my son and brother on this too.
  • Ty

    My first thought was skepticism. I have gum disease and have regular cleanings to professionally remove plaque and tartar. Tartar seems to form faster than I can keep up. I've researched treatments and technologies, and never found anything that came close to this product. It actually works. My exact thoughts "you son a b****, you actually did it." and "How do I invest in this?" I can't believe how well it works. It just does. Tartar built up for months was gone after a single brushing.
  • sandra dillon

    Went for my 4 month cleaning and my Dentist was confused as to why I was there. I told him for my cleaning. He was shocked as there was no plaque on my teeth. He did find two wee teeny pieces and was utterly amazed. I took my Tartar End with me and he was so over the moon. So having my Dentist's approval today I ordered two more tubes. I had only been using it for about a month. I feel very confident with this product.
  • Ellen Fuller

    I absolutely love the feel of my teeth after brushing with Tartar End, I feel like tartar and plaque build up has lessened significantly. I figured this product would be just another product claiming results but this product really does have amazing results. It’s so cool that EVERY review on here has been 5 stars, not one bad review. I WILL continue to buy this product.
  • Ms. J S

    I’ve only been using this for less than a week, and I can already tell a difference. I haven’t had my teeth cleaned in 10 years.
  • Lorin Friedlund

    This toothpaste, TartarEnd is amazing! I had existing tartar and bleeding gums. But since using this regularly; my teeth and gums are feeling cleaner and cleaner! Thank you, Lorin
  • John S.

    I've been using TartarEnd since it was first available, and my dentist and periodontist (who says I have no further need for him) have been amazed at the difference! Also - and I know this sounds weird - I've noticed that I haven't had a cold since I started using TartarEnd. I used to have one pretty good cold per year, like clockwork. Has anyone else experienced this effect? Reply: A few long term TartarEnd™ users report they have not had colds while using TartarEnd™. If true, it may be due to improved gum health reported by TartarEnd™ users. Irritated gums are known to allow bacteria access to the bloodstream.
  • Anonymous - Ms. B

    My fiancé and I started using Tartar End almost three months ago and are extremely surprised by its effectiveness. We both suffered from receding gums due to plaque buildup. Over the course of brushing twice a day within the first month it was evident that plaque was building up less. We use an electric toothbrush, a waterpik and a manual dental tool once a week to clear minor plaque. Since we are wearing masks, we found that our breath smells better as we also brush our cheeks. I would highly recommend Tartar End to everyone.
  • Melissa

    I have to say....I'm pretty impressed with this toothpaste. I can already see the results! My tartar is disappearing!
  • Dale Bush

    I had my doubts about how effective this toothpaste would be, but after a week of use, all I can say is I am amazed of the results! So glad I discovered this product and decided to give it a try!
  • Donna S.

    I just had a six month cleaning and good results, less tartar, so thank you, I could tell as she wasn't scraping as much as in the past. I gave all your information to my hygienist. I just did a two toothpaste order. One to me and one to a friend in New Hampshire.
  • John G

    This is a great product! I wish I had it many years ago.
  • Barbara

    I use the oral b 1000. Also I would like to tell you that my last dentist cleaning almost no plaque was found thanks to your toothpaste. Barbara
  • Bob Singer

    Excellent product. My hygienist spends much less time than she used to scraping my teeth for tartar during my routine cleaning visits. Hopeful to get back on a normal twice (versus 3x) per year schedule soon.
  • Eric Rasmussen

    Hello, I purchased a tube of TartarEnd and so far it's working great and my teeth look and feel better than they have in a long time. I'm using an AquaSonic Vibe toothbrush from Amazon. It works great, it claims 40,000 brushes per minute which seems about right based on my previous experience with an older SonicCare model from Philips. However, I was wondering if this toothpaste is significantly more abrasive than store-bought toothpastes? I just want to make sure I keep my enamel intact and healthy. Thank you much! Eric Rasmussen Response to Eric Rasmussen’s question. TartarEnd™ does not need abrasives to remove tartar and plaque. It has an RDA (Relative Dentin Abrasivity) of 49 which puts it in the Low Abrasivity range which is similar to toothpastes used for sensitive teeth. John@tartarend.com
  • Anonymous - Verified User

    Hi John, Just had to drop you a note regarding Tartarend…..it really does work. Ok…caveat…I started out using a cheap name brand battery operated electric toothbrush and there really wasn’t much difference, in fact it made my gums so sore I could only use it once a day. But then I bought a Burst Sonic electric toothbrush…..and what a difference. My upper teeth are now totally clear of plaque, my lower teeth are about halfway there, and I can use Tartarend twice a day with no issues, so a high quality sonic brush is definitely the key to success. To put things in perspective, I had been fighting thyroid cancer for 3 years, and during this time as bleeding & sore gums is a side effect of some of the meds. I just stopped brushing, or at least brushing very well, so the plaque was horrendous. Now, having beaten cancer I was determined to get my teeth back into shape, and although a professional dental cleaning would have been nice. the cost of around $1200 was just not in the budget. So for me Tartarend has been a life changer, and yes, it’s time for another tube. Many thanks for a great product, Regards,
  • Yvan

    Visible results after the first tube. Have tried all mainstream pastes, rinses, brushes and flossing techniques. Customer service is commensurate to the quality of the product. Kudos.
  • Karen Manheimer

    I have been using TartarEnd for the past four months. My mouth felt cleaner after the first use. Almost immediately, my gum inflammation went away and I am no longer bleeding when I floss. This is an amazing product. I highly recommend it!!
  • Karen Watkins

    There was a noticeable difference in the amount of time I spent with my hygienist, and no gum bleeding! It works!
  • Linda Lamwers

    I have been using TartarEnd for over a year and it has significantly improved my dental visits. When I was using regular toothpaste, my dental cleanings involved lots of heavy scraping by my dental hygienist and significant gum bleeding. Now, my cleaning visits are much shorter and I have extended the time between visits. I like the taste, my teeth always feel really clean and TartarEnd does not leave my mouth feeling foamy. I highly recommend this product. .
  • Bob Singer

    My hygienist is spending less than 1/2 the time scraping the tartar off my teeth when I go in for a cleaning. Dentist is considering moving me back to twice per year visits (versus 3). Only change in my regimen has been TartarEnd toothpaste.
  • Douglas J. Bucklin

    Dental visits went from a relaxing chat to torture several years ago. The hygienist had to scrape aggressively, commented on how much tartar buildup there was on my teeth, offered tips on how I could clean my teeth correctly, caused pain, et cetera. There was nothing I could do to improve, and tooth loss seemed inevitable. Then I used TartarEnd, and am now back to relaxing dental visits. The hygienist even commented on the improvement. She noted that there are places where she usually sees tartart build up in all patients, but for me she saw little to no tatar in those places. I recommend TartarEnd.
  • J Flynn

    Prior to using TartarEnd there was always a substantial amount of scraping by the dental technician to remove tartar. I have been using TartarEnd now for about 2 years. After using it for the first few months and then seeing the dental technician, the only minor scraping that was done was on the back of the lower front teeth. Almost immediately I felt I knew why. In my rush to brush my teeth I was often not brushing the back of these teeth. Since learning that lesson I have gotten excellent reviews by the dentist and technician on my dental care. It is not necessary to cover the entire brush head with TartarEnd like you might see in some toothpaste commercials. I use about 1/2-2/3 of a standard Sonicare brush head length and brush for the full 2 minute cycle. There appears to be no other toothpaste product on the market that will dissolve tartar.
  • Peter Johnson

    This stuff actually works! I used to have my teeth cleaned 4x per year as I'm a heavy tartar producer. I recently went 9 months between cleanings and the hygienist said my teeth were perfectly clean! No bleeding gums, and it's great for your breath. I use it only once a day before bed, and use an old-fashioned toothpaste in the morning. Extremely satisfied with this product!
  • Sally John

    Sally John I recently was at the dentist for a six month checkup and cleaning and the dental hygienist remarked how little tartar I had compared to previous visits. I told her that I had only been using TartarEnd for about three months and she asked for the website address.

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